Khors Guesthouse. Room Reservation

If you want to book a room during the holidays or to settle a group, please contact us at

In a small, comfortable Khors guesthouse, located in the heart of the town under the walls of Rostov Kremlin on the shores of Lake Nero, guests enjoy the charming atmosphere of the house of the artist, in which everything is a history and creativity. Two rooms are located on the ground floor in a typical wooden building built in Rostov end of 19th century with old-Dutch ovens, heated with firewood. On the first floor there are the Museum of Rostov life of 19—20th centuries and the Khors Art Gallery, which displays the enamel of the owner, artist Mikhail Selishchev, and helds exhibitions of his colleagues from around the world.


Two rooms are open all the year round, seven rooms—in the warm season. The guesthouse offers free parking, Wi-Fi, the Russian black sauna. Pre-recordings are being made for master classes on hot enamel. On the territory within the Russian Vertograd Art Project a crossbow shooting range is open, there is a boat rental on the shore. There are pikes, perches, tenches, crucian carps, breams and other fish in the Lake Nero. There are cafes and restaurants and the entrance to the Rostov Kremlin in 3 min walk away from the Guesthouse.