Master Classes

Video Enamel master-klass

Video Enamel master-klass

Master class is designed for beginners. This is the first step to the knowledge of this amazing material. It is addressed both to professional artists and to art lovers.

Enamel workshop in Rostov Velikiy

Enamel workshop in Rostov Velikiy

Duration – 9:00 , with a lunch break 1:00 , with 10 to 19 hours.
Time – Sunday. Exact dates are available on the site for 2 weeks prior to the master class.

2h – art theory, history of enamel, familiarity with current trends.
2h – Preparation of the copper plate to work. Familiarity with electric. Safety.
1h – Break
4h – individual work in enamel under Mikhail Selishchev.

You will be offered enamel paints, tools, copper sheet.

You should have: pencils, pens, several coring brushes, eraser.
Welcome, if the listener comes with ready-made ideas, proposals and sketches.

Upon completion of the master class, each participant will receive a basic knowledge of the technique of enamel, acquire skills, and take home their own enamel!

Price: 3000 rubles per person.
15,000 rubles. – A master class for 5 participants.

Pre-recording made by e-mail :

Мастер-класс по горячей эмали

Master-class, Kiev (Ukraine), 2009

As a set, we inform all group members by email and on our website on the date of the master class. You must then confirm their participation and pay master class through Sberbank. Master Class will be held at 4 or more people.

We assist in the placement of participants in hotels in Rostov Veliky, and will be happy to take them in his hotel.
We also organize groups by age and conduct workshops for organizations, art schools, colleges.

Master-class, Hann.Münden

Future workshops are scheduled:
1. For “advanced” – those who come to us for the first time.
2. Master-class on one job. Showing all stages of its creation secrets.
3. Master class on mixed media in the enamel.

Master-class, England

History and Technology.

“Enamel” (from the French word émail; old Russian – finift ) – durable vitreous coating applied to a metal object and dock able firing “- Russian Encyclopedic Dictionary .

For a wide range of audiences enamel art is little known , but works executed in this fiery technique , adorn the best museum collections of the world: the Moscow Kremlin , the Hermitage, the Louvre and many others. Well known art of enameling ancient China , India, and Byzantium. In Russia, the famous Rostov finift.

Originating in ancient Egypt and being one of the oldest materials, along with glass and ceramics, enamel was modified over the centuries, and appeared cloisonné, pitted, stained enamel. All this – colored glass, put on a sheet of copper, silver or gold, and burnt in a special mode. This is a long and complicated process: each layer is applied separately, dried and fired at a temperature of 850 degrees. As a result, the metal compound with the glass obtained is resistant to the environment and durable coating: it does not discolour, does not possess the properties and zhuhnet glass and metal simultaneously.

In the Middle Ages in Europe, the enamel was considered an elite art: it decorated with a crown and miter kings and patriarchs. In the twentieth century scientific and technical progress has given impetus to the development of technological equipment for enamel paints have become more available, the size of the works increased, enriched color palette. Contemporary art enamel has rich opportunities for the experiment, combining both familiar and totally new, unexpected tricks. Important detail – its design. Traditionally, it was silver or gold. In the twenty-first century artists combine enamel in various combinations, as precious metals and new materials such as plastic, wood, leather.

Bright, vibrant colors of enamel, its diversity and compatibility attracted to it a variety of artists. Mikhail Selishchev – one of them. Received a good academic education in Moscow (specialization – painting in architecture), he went by the way of creativity and experimentation. This explains the passion for antique fire technique of enamel.

Lectory Mikhail Selishchev «Enamel. Mixed media. Experience of the artist» (International Symposium «Experimental enamel», Krakow, april 2013)

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