Write us a letter/Напишите нам письмо:

Attention! Gallery operating mode

The “Khors” Gallery works during the holidays and in the summer. In the rest of the time, we may not be in Rostov. Therefore, let us know in the letter the time of your visit in advance, if for certain you want to get to the gallery. We will contact you and agree on the time of the meeting.
If you liked any enamel and you want to buy it, let us know. We will agree on a meeting in Moscow, where we will bring the work selected by you.

Selishchev Mikhail Alexandrovich

Nikolaeva Elena Vladimirovna

+7 962 209 06 05


Our address:

st. Podozerka, 31

152153, Yaroslavl region., Rostov the Great, 


How to get there

From Moscow:

by train from Yaroslavl station (3 hours). Direction: Yaroslavl, Vologda, Vorkuta, Arkhangelsk;

an electric train (5-6 hours) with a transfer in Aleksandrov;

by car along the Yaroslavl highway, 183 km from the Moscow Ring Road;

bus from the Central Bus Station (metro station Schelkovskaya) (5-6 hours).

From Saint-Petersburg:

through Moscow or Yaroslavl by train;

through Vologda by car.

From Yaroslavl:

by car (45 minutes);

by electric train (1 hour 20 minutes);

by bus (1 hour).

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