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Among the numerous attractions of the Golden Ring of Russia, modern art occupies a modest place. Rostov the Great is one of the jewels of the Golden Ring of Russia filled with beautiful churches and monasteries. That is why any exhibition and gallery becomes very special among such a variety of historic churches and monasteries of Rostov the Great (Rostov Veliky). All of them are like little stars of modern cultural life in the sky of the centuries-old heritage of Russia that bridge the gap between the past and the future. Art Gallery “Khors” is one of such stars among the museums and galleries of Central Russia that has its own unique characteristics:

Художественная галерея "Хорс"

Art gallery “Khors”

1. This is the author’s gallery, where you can see and buy pictures of the owner of the gallery “Khors”, Mikhail Selishchev. There are also exhibitions of Russian and foreign artists.
2. This is a gallery of experimental creativity, nothing like you anywhere you will not meet: unique, unusual for eyes works, which is usually a new art. Finift and postmodernism.
3. This art of hot enamel is akin to the famous Rostov finift. Art is both ancient, traditional and modern, absorbing new trends.
4. The gallery presents works of world-class level, they are constantly exhibited at international exhibitions in different countries and receive prizes and awards.
5. Our paintings are designed for modern residential interior. They are sold and are a good tool for investing money in art – over time, Mikhail Selishchev’s works only get more expensive.
6. The presence of a unique collection of objects of everyday life in Rostov at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th centuries-The home museum attracts Russian and foreign tourists. Here you can see and hold in your hands things that are more than a hundred years old.
7. The gallery has its own branch in the Czech Republic and periodically organizes its exhibitions there.
8. The Khors Art Gallery was opened in Rostov Veliky on July 14, 1995. It occupies a worthy place in the Russian art market, which is confirmed by more than 20 years of successful work and numerous interesting exhibitions and projects.
9. Anyone who is interested in the atmosphere of antiquity and creativity can stay and live in the guest house of the gallery.

Here on our gallery’s website you can take a closer look at the masterpieces created by Mikhail Selishchev. Browse by the time the work was created or by materials used in the work: enamel, acrylic, watercolor, stained glass, mosaic, land art. You can choose the picture that you like and buy by sending an inquiry to us. We also provide services in organizing exhibitions, decorating interiors, conducting master classes for adults and children on artistic enamel. Send purchase requests or any other inquiries to

Mikhail Selishchev

Михаил Селищев

Mikhail Selishchev

Mikhail Selishchev was born in Livny (Orel Reg.) in 1962. 2016 Silver Medal of the Art Academy of Russia. 2015 First Prize of the Salon d’Automne in Paris. 2014 The main prize of the International Festival “Chemadok” in Nesvadi (Slovakia). 2012 First Prize, “LibrArt—2012”, Belgium. 2005, 2007 Diploma of the 4th and 5th International Biennial “World enamel” Salou (Spain). 2004 Diploma of the Russian Academy of Arts. 1995 Creates “Khors” House of Arts. 1988–1991 Working in the workshops of Art Fund in the Art Fund Komsomolsk-na-Amur, Khabarovsk Krai, Russia. 1988 Diploma project “Stained Glass Art for the Kiev Metro. 1982–1988 Studying at the Moscow State Art Institute. 1978–1982 Education in the Arts College of memory 1905 at the theater department. 1974–1978 Studying at the Moscow Art School at the Moscow State Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the magical world of glass paints and to create your own art by burning enamel in a of 850C degrees oven. A well-known artist and experienced instructor Mikhail Selishchev will tell you the most important thing about enamel, he will teach the basics of work with this mysterious ancient material. Answer your questions. You can create a couple of enamel pieces yourself. Our master classes are designed for adults and children.

They are designed for both professional artists s and those who want to experience the mysteries of art for the first time. Groups are limited to 5 people per master class. All the necessary tools are provided and included in the cost of the master class. Creativity is the most effective way to switch off your mind and relax!

Duration 8 hours.

Usually, master classes take place on Sundays.

Participation is only by appointment.



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