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Mobile art enamel symposium

The mobile art enamel symposium

Mobile art enamel symposium, India November 17, 2018 earned our new project “Mobile art enamel symposium”. A six-day symposium was held with the participation of Meghan […]

Libr art 2018

Ярмарка искусства Libr art 2018, проходившая в бельгийском Либромонте с 27.10 по 01.11.2018, на этот раз была меньше предыдущих, зато уровень работ был выше. Предоставляю вашему […]

Exhibition “To the road”

The exhibition “To the Road!” of Mikhail Selishchev is devoted to the creativity of Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol. Opened since July 15, 2017

100 лет Русской революции

2017 год – юбилейный. 100 лет Русской революции. Для кого-то – это Февральская революция и октябрьский переворот, для кого-то – Великая октябрьская социалистическая революция, для третьих […]

The Exhibition of experimental enamel “22”

We invite you to opening of the  exhibition – Experimental enamel “22”, which will take place in Khors artgallery on June 9, 2017 at 16 o’clock […]

March 24, 2017 in the city of Jáchymov (Czech Republic) opened the Art Gallery “Khors”

At the opening of the gallery “Khors” JAchymov were: the General Consul of the Russian Federation in Karlovy Vary M.N. Ledenev, friends from Slovakia K. Piovarshi, […]

ArtExpo May Barcelona International Art Exhibition in Barcelona

From April 30 to May 14 in Barcelona hosts international exhibition “ArtExpo May Barcelona”. The exhibition was attended by artist Mikhail Selishchev. https://www.flickr.com/photos/artists_in_the_world/sets/72157667876382356

Mikhail Selishchev Exhibition of enamel in Prague

April 16, 2016, an exhibition of enamel artist Mikhail Selishchev. The exhibition can be seen at: Ve Smečkách 22, 110 00 Прага Café Atmosferas

Autumn exhibitions 2015. Autumn salon in Paris on the Champs Elysée

http://www.evous.fr/Salon-d-Automne-a-Paris,1112258.html Traditional Parisian salon, in 100 years of the existence here all is worked. More than one thousand participants from the different countries. It is a […]
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