Mikhail and Nataliy Selishchevi

The gallery “Khors” was opened on July 14, 1995 by artist Selishchev Mikhail and lawyer-economist Natalia Selischeva, the artist’s mother, in Rostov the Great.The mission of the gallery “Khors” is the promotion of experimental art, made in different materials: enamel, oil, acrylic.

Film about Khors Art-gallery

Film about Khors Art-gallery

Opening day of the Exhibition

“Khors” Art Gallery was organized in 1995 by Mikhail Selishchev, an artist from Moscow. Today Khors consists of the artist’s studio, exhibition spaces and guest rooms with a garden and a Russian bathhouse. Creative flow and brotherhood of all artists are the foundation ideas of this gallery. “Khors” Art Gallery hosts exhibitions, symposiums, workshops and other creative projects. The exhibition of Mikhail Selishchev’s artwork and a collection of 19th century Russian life objects are always open to the public. In the “Khors” gallery the viewer can become acquainted with art exhibits, feel the history of Rostov(Art project “Rostov—Russian vertograd”) and plunge into the atmosphere of artwork creation (master classes on the art of enamel). Art collectors will have an excellent opportunity to supplement their collection with unique works of modern art. Weary travelers will get a chance to spend a pleasant evening in a shady-green garden of guesthouse watching the sun setting over the domes of the Rostov Kremlin and disappearing in the transparent waters of Lake Nero.

N. Selishcheva and Volchok

This cozy atmosphere attracts people from different corners of the world. The reator of this atmosphere is the artist’s mother Natalia Selishcheva. She is an author of the wonderful flower arrangements in the garden.

Khors Art Galery

Gallery and Museum are located in a two-storeyed wooden merchant house, a typical end of 19th century Rostov building. It is one of the few houses on the waterfront that managed to survive the hard times of 20th century, a hurricane in 1953, and most importantly massive brick building construction of the historical city center. The house was severely damaged in the times of communal living. It had no single owner but eight tenant families living in it. In the early 90s the house was in an emergency situation and was a subject to demolition. In 1992 it was partially rented, repaired and in 1995 an exhibition hall was opened on the second floor. Residents of Rostov called it a museum and began bringing old 19th century clothes and objects. These objects started to form the  museum’s collection. Things accumulated and were put in a room named Maiden’s room. The core of the collection consists of objects of weaving that show the entire process of creating clothing from flax. A spinning-wheel, loom, knitting machine and other objects related to the production of homespun clothing are presented. There is also a collection of trunks, a samovar, old ceramics and glass as well as photos of the middle class Rostov end of 19th century. All these things hold warmth and history to the touch.


The museum is open to visitors every day from noon till 8 p.m. After 5 p.m. everything closes in Rostov except for restaurants and cafes. This is the best time for evening strolls around the city, where you can enjoy the beauty of Rostov and see an art exhibition.

People's Artist of Russia V. Muratov and N. Selishcheva

The museum operates on donations from visitors and revenue from the guesthouse.

Khors Guesthouse awaits all travelers who enjoy Russia and are interested in history and beauty of Rostov the Great.

In 2005 was published book “Mikhail Selishchev “Khors – the art gallery. Ten years of life with serpent dragon”. 136 pages Reviews, chronicles, memories. Contact the author to buy the book.

In 2007 was published album “Mikhail Selishchev. Enamels. Collages. Objects”. The most complete collection of enamels of the author. 112 pages More than two hundred works. You can get by contacting the author.


March 24, 2017 in Jáchymov, Czech Republic, opened of the Art Gallery “Khors”. Since this time, exhibitions are held in Rostov and Jachymov.

Jachymov Art gallery Khors

Jachymov Art gallery Khors

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