“The Balkans – once and for all!”

Exhibition “The Architecture of the Rostov Kremlin” 16.03.10 at the Museum of Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia) started the project “The Balkans – once and for all!”


The peoples of Russia and the Balkans have much in common: Slavic roots, similar languages and traditions, orthodox religion and of course the historical fate of constant opposition between the East and West. Since the Balkans like Russia are in between the East and the West, they have absorbed the culture of both. Here rises the question of identity a very close one to oure culture. What is Modern Russian Art? What place does Russian art have in the world’s cultural space? In the Balkans there is a melting pot of cultures, sometimes its difficult to distinguish between the old Balkan, Turkish, and the Austro-Hungarian influences. That is why this region is so interesting to us since it resembles our own culture.

The aim of the project – to identify current processes in the arts and to enhance the cultural exchange.

The project is aimed at all those who are interested in global as well as local cultural issues. It can engage anyone who understands our goals. The project is non-profit, therefore, it needs donors such as painters, photographers, musicians, and poets, businessmen, and politicians. It will be extremely important if the project will interest the authorities, or the governments of these countries. It is conceived as a continuous, unlimited in time and is designed to generate new ideas and for possible transitions into other projects. The project has no strict geographical boundaries, it is not directed only to certain people or to any one religion.

Objectives of the project – organization of art exhibitions, plein aire, symposiums and workshops. Also it includes involvment into the process of a wide range of creative people, organizing exchanges, and exchanging views.

The first step in the implementation of the project was the exhibition V. Konovalov, “Architecture of the Rostov Kremlin” in the museum of Sremska Mitrovica in Serbia, one of the former capitals of the Great Roman Empire.

The next event will be a cultural festival in Bosnia in May. (The host takes on all the costs, Russian artists pay for airfare).

In the autumn we plan a plein aire for Russian artists and photographers in the mountains of Serbia in places extraordinary for their beauty and rich history. (We will try to minimize costs that are paid by the participants).

A separate important aspect of the project will help the monasteries of Kosovo. They suffered greatly during the war, lost many beautiful murals. We invite young artists who know the basics of mural painting, to participate in the project. Kosovo has a great tradition of orthodox murals and is a place where young talent can emerge. Restoration of the frescoes can help in conservation of the Orthodox tradition kept throught the centuries. Now it is peaceful in Kosovo and the monasteries are protected by NATO soldiers. Its a good time for a visit.

We look forward to hosting artists from the Balkans in Rostov. We plan joint and solo exhibitions in the gallery “Khors” and hope that the project will infuse new ideas.


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  1. катерина
    10 April 2010 10:07 PM |

    как принять участие в пректе?

  2. Михаил Селищев
    10 April 2010 10:38 PM |

    Для того чтобы принять участие в проекте необходимо написать нам об этом, желательно уточнив в какой части проекта: фестиваль в мае, пленэр в октябре, монастыри Косово, или предложить что то новое в данном контексте.
    Проект открытый.

  3. елена
    21 April 2010 7:34 AM |

    Доброго времени суток! Безумно рада проекту о Балканах. Влюбилась в эти земли, с первых секунд просмотра творения Эмира кустурицы. И с каждым новым фильмом восхищалась все больше и больше красотой этих мест!
    Я разработала серию открыток по фильмам любимого режиссера. Возможно, они подойдут в рамках вашего проекта. С удовольствием покажу их вам, только дайте электронный адрес, куда их выслать.

  4. Михаил Селищев
    21 April 2010 8:29 PM |

    Большое спасибо за Ваше предложение, очень интересные работы и стоит подумать о Вашей выставке: в групповой или персональной либо в России, либо на Балканах. Пока у нас сегодня выставка не запланирована, но это вопрос времени. Пожалуйста, сообщите о серии работ подробнее: количество, размер, и где Вам бы хотелось выставиться.

  5. 5

    здравствуйте, скажите ,а в какую сумму обойдется поездка, скажем на майский фестиваль

  6. Михаил Селищев
    18 September 2010 11:03 AM |

    Фестиваль был организован приглашающей стороной. Для россиян это означало:10000 руб. – на авиа перелет туда-обратно, до Ш-2 добраться 3-20 евро и там я потратил на мороженое и фрукты 5. Все остальное – принимающая сторона.

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