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The Exhibition of experimental enamel “22″

2 June 2017 9:50 PM

We invite you to opening of the  exhibition – Experimental enamel “22″, which will take place in Khors artgallery on June 9, 2017 at 16 o’clock to the address: Yaroslasky region, Rostov, Podozerka St., 31. Previously it is possible to study the exhibition catalog on the Internet to the address:

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March 24, 2017 in the city of Jáchymov (Czech Republic) opened the Art Gallery “Khors”

6 April 2017 7:05 PM

Открытие галереи "Хорс" в Яхимове

Открытие галереи "Хорс" в Яхимове

At the opening of the gallery were: the General Consul of the Russian Federation in Karlovy Vary M.N. Ledenev, friends from Slovakia K. Piovarshi, S. Belova and J. Bednar, representatives of the city’s public and the information center of the resort Jáchymov.

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ArtExpo May Barcelona International Art Exhibition in Barcelona

5 May 2016 1:11 PM

From April 30 to May 14 in Barcelona hosts international exhibition “ArtExpo May Barcelona”. The exhibition was attended by artist Mikhail Selishchev.

Зеленый мальчик. Михаил Селищев

Green boy. Mikhail Selishchev

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Mikhail Selishchev Exhibition of enamel in Prague

5 May 2016 1:07 PM

April 16, 2016, an exhibition of enamel artist Mikhail Selishchev. The exhibition can be seen at:

Ve Smečkách 22,
110 00 Прага
Café Atmosferas
Exhibition Mikhail Selishchev

Exhibition Mikhail Selishchev

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Autumn exhibitions 2015. Autumn salon in Paris on the Champs Elysée

11 November 2015 12:49 PM,1112258.html

Traditional Parisian salon, in 100 years of the existence here all is worked. More than one thousand participants from the different countries. It is a lot of visitors, in the opening day and closings to look a little that works well. The atmosphere Parisian, feeling – came public, not the audience, not visitors, and public. However sales were almost not. On Autumn Salon in Paris I won a prize for work “Paris and Elena” that, I won’t hide, it was pleasant. After all, it was succeeded to carry on the good tradition begun by Sergey Dyagelev “The Russian seasons” hundred years ago. A series of works “A Trojan trace” was successful: in Europe she wins 3 times the first prize that it is impossible to tell about Russia where the way to the viewer is much more difficult.
However, last year the Salon seemed to me more interesting. It is a lot of any painting, sculpture, photos. Generally, I recommend to watch this exhibition.
Here in brief this fall turned out such. If someone had questions in this regard, write. I will answer.
Михаил Селищев Приз Осеннего Салона 2015 в Париже

Mikhail Selishchev - the Prize of Autumn Salon 2015 in Paris

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